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Intention + Purpose

We facilitate most self-initiated and self-led Dark retreats and encourage each retreater to be guided by their intuition and practice.

A retreat intention/purpose will help to determine communication and signaling, meals, activities while in the Dark and how to emerge back to light.

Some retreaters choose to observe silence during their Dark retreat or have special diets. Consider external queues​ of time and space or distractions you would like to reduce.

During check in and orientation you may tour the land. This gives you the opportunity to choose where to emerge from your Dark retreat. This may mean you wear an eye mask from your Dark retreat space and be guided by a supporter to a location of your choice. Then when ready, you can remove your mask at the setting of your choosing such as before sunrise among the trees, at dusk next to the pond or at night next to a fire. Plan your retreat during a full moon or the longest night of the year, these decisions can add to the depth of your experience.


Arrival and departure days are not days in the Dark. We recommend a minimum of one day of light before leaving our retreat center to help integrate your experience. You may be weaving dark and light by coming and going from your endarkened space into the natural environment on your final day.

Some Retreat Intentions

  1. profound rest and nervous system reset 

  2. silent and digital detox

  3. knowledge of Self and personal introspection

  4. expanding energetic capacity

  5. spiritual catchup

  6. trauma detangling and self love journey

  7. creative arts enhancement and vision quest

  8. death doula preparation

  9. three days of darkness prepping

  10. embracing complete surrender

  11. exploration of time modulation

  12. kaya kalpa and wombology

  13. bridal chamber protocols

  14. akashic memory work

  15. 49 day bardo prepping


  1. Why have you chosen to retreat in total darkness?

  2. What is your relationship with the Dark?

  3. What are your first memories of the Dark?

  4. What are your favorite self-care practices?

  5. What is your relationship to food and nurishment?

  6. Will you be practicing silence while you are in the Dark?

  7. How many days do you wish to be in the Dark?
  8. How many days of transition and what might it look like?

  9. How do you wish to emerge into the light?

  10. How will you use the space you have cleared?

  11. What expectations do you have if any regarding the process of this type of retreat? How familiar are you with retreating in general?

  12. Will you need any additional support?

  13. What is your comfort level with others who may provide support?

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