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Our facilitators

Our Dark retreat center supports eclectic retreat intentions. Experienced supporters hold space for your highest interest and intentions. Talk to us via chat or schedule an intake to see if we are a great fit for your needs.

Darkness retreat
Black Sky
Image by Daiga Ellaby

Who is DRO


DRO was founded in 2003, at the Maitreya Ecovillage in Eugene, Oregon, when two members commandeered and endarkened the guest cob cottage for the Winter season. After taking their turns at deep journey sleeping, they facilitated for the rest of the community and its many friends, where it became popular enough to continue for six following Winters, being used by over 60 folks


For the next 5 years it took on a roving community supported donation model usually initiated each Fall with an offered attic, cellar, garage or empty house from the previous years' circle of participants.


Then in 2015, a more primo four room structure with a deep rainforest setting came onstage. For seven years dozens of folks, each Winter, found their way there for a personal hibernation journey at Sleeping Bear Lodge.


In the Fall of '22, we were guided to Tidewater Falls, the former site of the Beloved Festivals, where we are exceedingly and progressively happy to be. We have supported more than 50 retreats with 10% being traded, subsidized or donated. Come see for yourself.


After more than 15 years using a community supported model, then five years as a non-profit, we are now preparing to become a Private Membership Association (PMA). Can you help us with that?

Getting Here

The nearest towns to Tidewater are Corvallis ~1.25 hour and Newport ~45 minutes.


If you are flying to Dark Retreats Oregon @ Tidewater, it can be a three step process, shown below:

Nearby Airports
Portland PHX
Eugene EUG

You can drive your car or
get a rental.

It's super scenic along the coast.

Airport Shuttle

Schedule a shuttle transfer to
Corvallis - OSU/Hilton Garden Inn
2500 SW Western Blvd

From here, the retreat center is approximately 50 miles away

Schedule your choice of ride on this final leg of your journey.

You will see a shift in landscape with moss covered trees and winding roads, which resemble the land you will be retreating in.

Did you find a better way to get to Tidewater Falls? If so, share it with us so we can update this information.

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