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Welcome to
Dark Retreats Oregon 

Release, Relax, Rejuvenate

Dark Retreats Oregon has been facilitating wintertime Dark retreats for two decades using a community supported model. We began offering them year around in August of 2022.


We believe Dark retreats are an important household utility, a place to enhance uninhibited creativity with uninterrupted self exploration and a great space for self-care. We welcome you to explore the luxury of the Dark as an ultimate vacation via your inner world.

Viviana and Finnpo

Ready to start your journey?

  • Create a personal intention and share it with our support team.

  • Commit to not take any mind altering substances during your retreat.

  • Be able to ask and receive help, if it is needed.

Tune in to what brought you here today.

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Dark retreats in Oregon and other states

We encourage you to be fully present throughout the scheduling process of a Dark retreat.

The better acquainted you become with the retreat center and facilitators, the more engaged and at ease you will feel. This is crucial because a Dark retreat offers a chance to embrace vulnerability and create spaciousness within ourselves over extended periods of time. The investment in the process is relative to the outcome.


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