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Welcome to
Dark Retreats Oregon 

Release, Relax, Rejuvenate

"Having two decades of experience facilitating wintertime Dark retreats, we began offering them year around in August of 2022. We believe Dark retreats are an important household utility, a place to enhance uninhibited creativity with uninterrupted self exploration and a great space for self-care. We welcome you to explore the luxury of the Dark as an ultimate vacation via your inner world."

Viviana and Finnpo

Tidewater Falls 

Room Accommodations

Dark Retreat Rates
8 days/ 7 nights for $1,599
6 days/ 5 nights for 1,199
5 days/ 4 nights for $999

A non-refundable deposit of $944 will reserve your date. **

Reserving a retreat


Find the date that works best for you from the calendar below.


Schedule an intake call with us to to ensure we are a great fit to support your retreat intentions.


After an intake call, a non-refundable deposit payment will reserve your retreat date.

** If you are unable to pay the full deposit, talk with us to work out a payment plan.


Tips on how to prepare for your journey inward will be provided before your retreat.


We offer two Dark retreats in the same building at five, six and eight day intervals.
Both begin and end
on the same day to best support quietude and stillness.

The Bridge has a full size bed and an entrance through the retreat building. It has a sliding glass door to the exterior of the building for immediate access to the adjacent forest.

The Cavern is a larger room and has a queen size bed. It is nestled in the building.




First Intake Call

Prior to making a reservation for a dark retreat, a 30 minutes intake call via video is required.

Only when we (DRO and retreater) believe we are a great fit will we move to the next steps. ​ 


It is essential that you have a level of mental, emotional and physical wellness, able to navigate and integrate potentially heightened experiences including having support when you return home.

About us

We are Viviana and FinnPo

Unleash the full potential of rest and let your body recover from exhaustion at the deepest cellular level. With our carefully curated environment, including dark conditions, quality food, wild water, and a focus on alignment with restful practices, you can optimize sleep and rejuvenation of your mind and body. We hold a space that protects vulnerabilities while allowing participants to connect with their own unconscious. Detangle from externalities to find the truth of who and what you are.

Viv and Finnpo lead facilitators

Ready to start your journey?

  • Create a personal intention and share it with our support team.

  • Commit to not take any mind altering substances during your retreat.

  • Be able to ask and receive help, if it is needed.

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