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The immersion experience 

At Dark Retreats Oregon, we provide retreat spaces in total darkness while supporting through a full spectrum of services.

To fully immerse into the Dark, we .provide a landing opportunity to familiarize you with the land you will be held by. On over 80 acres of majestic and enchanted rainforest, there are three human families including DRO. In addition, there are wild residents that bring the right amount of presence for visitors including, but not limited to, elk, black bears, deer, newts, frogs, toads, moles, gophers, barn owls, falcons and many species of birds. During this tour, you may choose a location you connect with to be guided to, while wearing a blindfold, at the end of your Dark retreat. This could be where you break light.

Two private retreat rooms with an external bathroom (toilet, sink and shower), in one building are devoted solely to supported Dark retreating. 


All retreat spaces have light for use during orientation.

We encourage each retreater to arrange their retreat space to best suit their needs and preferences before immersing into darkness.

This may include removing furniture pieces, creating an alter or location for stretching. Once a retreat begins, lights are turned off until emergence back to light. In the Dark, a space can seem to transform into an immense shape with new boundaries. 


Each room is ventilated and has the following amenities:

  • a queen or full size bed with pillows and bedding

  • night stand

  • desk and chair

  • bench

  • charcoal bucket that can be used to pee in. This is processed on the land to help us build nutrient rich soil.

  • radiant heater

  • fan

  • electric hot water kettle

  • wild artesian water dispenser

  • yoga mat

  • zafu (meditation pillow)

Dark Room - Bridge

Shower Room

The facility is fed by our artesian wild water, equipped with:

  • sink containing dedicated storage space for each retreat room

  • toilet with bidet that can be used to freshen up between showers

  • dual showerhead shower lined with agate rock (agate is widely used for its ability to bring emotional healing to mind, body and spirit).

We have a simple protocol used during retreats that provides secure privacy. With only two people sharing the space, it is highly unusual to interact with the other retreater during the brief walk down the hallway.

It has been a concern for some of our visitors but there are no reports of any influence or disruptions to a Dark retreat. If this is still a concern, we invite you to talk with us.


On-site supporters use the retreat building's kitchen to prepare two homestyle organic meals served daily (only one meal is provided on arrival and departure days). Each meal is consciously prepared with each retreat intention in mind.

Each meal is contains one mile and/or local ingredients. The land has graciously provided seasonal food such as native black berries, wild mushrooms, chestnuts, dandelions, stinging nettles, water crest and community garden ingredients including three varieties of berries, kale, cabbage, kale, onion, tomatoes and crisp apples from a 100 year old orchard. 

Food is served in a spill proof container, then a knock on the door notifies a delivery. Since this is the only connection to the world, much arises related to food. It is recommended that your relationship to food and nutrition be examined before a retreat.

Dark Retreat Salad Bowl
2024-02-01 18.41.37.jpg
Salt Lamp


The community commons space holds items that can be used during the twilight of a Dark retreat such as tea candles for a closing of light ceremony using a natural rather than artificial light source.


Additionally, items in our commons can be used to enhance a dark retreat such as:

  • personal voice recorder with a micro SD card (the SD card is yours to take)

  • note cards + pens

  • Mindfolds, very effective blindfolds that allow you to open your eyes and only needed if you wish to exit the retreat space

  • prayer beads

  • smudge sticks

  • incense

  • essential oils

  • water canteen

  • extra blankets/pillows

  • yoga mats

  • foam roller

  • drum

  • gong

  • crystals ~seven chakra obelisks

  • tuning fork ~440 hz heart chakra

  • crystal singing bowl ~solar plexus chakra


Grisha Stewart, OR

"Darkness is an important annual reset for me. It nourishes me and returns me to my spirit in ways that no other practice does. Stillness and rest, slowing down, and simplicity combine to slow me down and open me up to large shifts of consciousness. I get clarity, creativity, and inner peace. Simplicity is the key for me. I feel so supported at DRO to have exactly the internal experience I need."

Mark Stopler, CA

"My experience with DRO was transformative and one that I’ll cherish for the rest of time.   Viviana and Finnpo provide a safe and loving space, and were present to customize my experience to maximize all aspects of my time in the dark.  Darkness + Viv/Finnpo = TRUE MEDICINE  . . . and Viviana’s cooking was so delicious, I didn’t want to leave!!!"

C.Anderson, CA

"I see the light and it is coming from YOU! What a blessing and honor to become (Re)acquainted with you both =) What a phenomenal experience you offer, with such love, wisdom and respect for the process. It inspires me deeply to see individuals so firmly on their path, living within their divinity!
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