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Dark Retreat Details

Release form, packing list and directions. Please work with this information before your Dark retreat.

Stone Steps

This is a release of liability, emergency contacts and medical declaration form. It must be reviewed, completed, signed and returned electronically before your arrival.

Stone Steps

We ask you to consider these items which will help sculpt your retreat. Also, there is a list of self-care items you may consider bringing with you. Please tune into your personal guidance to determine if any of this could be useful to you.

01 FS Road Sign.jpg

These are directions to the retreat center from the main road. With help from your phone's map app, this document will help you navigate to the retreat building where you will check in. You may choose to share with your loved ones so they know where you will be staying and how to contact us or reach you in case of emergency.

Check in time is recommended:

Fall and Winter 2-4 pm

Spring and Summer 2-6 pm

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